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​Infant Classroom

Our infant classroom is led by Ms. Kelsey, Miss Sara and Mrs. Karen.  This class is for babies ages 6 weeks thru "actively mobile."  Babies in this classroom are 

are kept on the schedule of your desire!  Babies are fed their normal foods and bottles you bring from home and are kept on their same nap schedule.  When you step foot in this classroom you will smell clean air; see happy, nurtured babies; and feel Ms. Kelsey's organization! The ratio in this classroom is 4:1. 

​Toddler Transitional Classroom

Our transitional toddler room is led by Mrs. Liz and Ms. Kay Kay.  This classroom is made specifically for babies that are on the move! Typically, babies ages 9-months until confidently walking.  These babies are becoming toddlers and at this age we are working on transitioning to one mid-day nap as well as eating more foods! Morning and afternoon snack is provided in this classroom; however, we do ask that you bring their lunch! The ratio in this classroom is 4:1. 

2-year-old Classroom

Our 2-year-old classroom is led by Miss Kiki and Miss Audrie. This class is designed specifically for our 2- to 3-year-old students.  In this classroom you will watch your child grow and become an independent thinker!  The students will navigate their way through themed centers, create beautiful projects and discover their senses through many hands on activities - the messier, the better! The ratio in this classroom is 12:1; however, this room will never have more than 15 kids in it! 

​3-year-old Classroom

Our 3-year-old classroom is led by Ms. Mary and Miss Riley.  These little ones are so much fun! By this age, our students really are independent thinkers and they like to keep busy! You will see these students reading books, playing house, running around in our playground, beginning to problem solve, and more! The ratio in this class is 12:1; however, there will never be more than 15 students!


4-year-old Classroom

Our 4-year-old classroom is led by Mrs. Kimberley.  This is a traditional Pre-K classroom!  Students will begin to dive into a curriculum that includes the alphabet, numbers, shapes, patterning, pre-reading, and so much more!  Our 4-year-old students get to take weekly walking field trips to the Orange Public Library! The ratio in this class is 12:1. 

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